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Many people have similar views about teaching profession as a teacher should be symbol of great moral characteristics. But when we see salary package of a science teacher write my essay in a high school, it is very low to fulfill his needs. So there is a huge delusion about this profession.

There will be totally different types of challenges when a teacher will remain in contact with students after class time. Most of teacher lose this chance of coming close to students after school time and limited them to class room only.

Most of professionals related to teaching jobs are trying to maintain discipline in class room as it included in their jobs and tasks. Those who cannot manage this close the class and forward such cases for more examination to get better consequence

Interaction of teachers and parents of student is very important to get better results from students; it is teachers duty to inform childs parents about his or her performance. If teacher give some assignment to student then he should provided him or her all kind of knowledge and tips relative to assignment.

Dealing with students and staff related to school management makes it easy for. Otherwise it can be done through proper instructions or after long teaching experience.

It is very difficult for a teacher to make student brilliant and he work very sincerely on it but finally when we saw on his salary details it looks very difficult to fulfill his difficulties. So we should honor such professional teachers and it is our duty to help them in all their problems

The environment of school is a key to success for students as it gave students all possible solutions within boundary o school. Siding teachers and subject specialist should help students in solving all problems. A student can gave a better result in any assignment if he is good in math, statistics and know how to search answer from key books or any other way.

So work hard and keep your wishes alive for making a fully educated new generation, every one of us can take part in this struggle.

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